Trilogi Logistics leads the industry by being the only logistics company in the region that has the capability for piece-level picking; a service becoming more and more required as online purchasing becomes more prevalent in the UAE and globally.
We provide a complete end-to-end service to our customers. This includes collection of goods, inventory management, customer clearance by the relevant authority, document processing, storage, piece-level picking, multi-product picking, pick and pack, and freight distribution to multiple locations.

Retail logistics is used for high service & low costs.

The main objectives of Retail Logistics are: optimal supply chain management, high service and low costs. Retail Logistics supports the goals of Retail Marketing. For example: a retail store with a large number of SKU’s and high turnover requires high delivery frequency and high service levels. And a store with Every Day Low Prices requires low logistics costs.
We use these Retail Logistics models:

  • Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)
  • Automatic Store Replenishment
  • Store Order Leveling
  • Optimal Case-pack Quantity
  • Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Value Chain Analysis (VCA)
  • Professional Contract Negotiation

In the fast moving consumer goods sector retailers and consumer goods manufacturers place particularly high requirements on logistics. A professional service provider improves your flow of goods and in this way reduces delivery times and costs. We can consolidate the shipments, and deliver at the appointed time to the sales outlets. With our FMCG solutions, your products can punctually arrive at the point of sales.

Food Services Logistics

Our service is primarily focused on operators who require:

  • A dedicated solution where we store and pick orders for all outlets, delivering them through a supporting network of regional platforms
  • Consolidating of existing routes to their outlets into a single multi-temperature delivery to improve service, reduce costs and improve supplier performance
  • Support for the physical infrastructure with an integrated IT platform that allows all suppliers to ‘connect’ with the Foodservice operator and provide visibility of performance and yields across outlets.
  • Tailored delivery services for outlets that recognise the limitations of their stock rooms, delivery times and requirements for fresh products.
  • Dedicated implementation teams that take full responsibility for delivering projects on time, to the agreed specification and on budget.

Trilogi Logistics provides value-added services such as repacking, co-packing and inventory management.


 Collection of goods: We collect direct from our suppliers who are located throughout the UAE using the appropriate means of transport according to the goods being collected - from clothing and footwear to frozen food.

Inventory management: We record the product quantity and any other relevant data. This information is recorded and easily accessible to customers as part of their bespoke management plan.

Customer clearance: We arrange, on behalf of the customer, the necessary customs and port clearance documents. Once goods are cleared to cross the border we move them into our distribution centers and warehouses.

Document processing: We then process the required documents, ensuring we follow the correct regulatory process including supplying supplementary documents as required in order for the import to be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Storage: We store a variety of goods from dry goods such as crisps and cereals, to different temperature controlled goods such as chilled and frozen food and pharmaceutical products. 
Piece-level picking, multi-product picking, pick and pack: Before distribution we will pick individual products from the store that are required to be delivered individually such as fashion goods bought online for domestic customers. In addition we will pick multiple products for mass distribution to a retailer. Some of our customers also require us to pick and pack their products for further storage with the retailer.

Freight distribution: We distribute goods via land, sea and air. For land distribution we own a fleet of specially equipped trucks that are able to distribute temperature controlled products to maximum efficiency, within the required time whilst keeping the required temperature consistent.